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A long-term relationship with our suppliers is very important to us. Here we rely on continuity and reliability. With our 3 main suppliers:

- ChemInstruments: Adhesion testers, coator, laminator.

- TechLabSystems: Testing equipment for pulp, paper and cardboard testing

- L.A.B. Equipment: testing equipment for packaging testing and transport simulation


our competent partner for adhesive testing equipment:
ChemInstruments is a comprehensive testing equipment manufacturer for all your adhesive testing equipment needs. You can confidently set up a state-of-the-art adhesive testing laboratory or research and development department with high quality and accurate equipment from ChemInstruments.

We are the exclusive partner of ChemInstruments for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithzania, Luxenburg, Slovakia.

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TechlabSystems has been developing quality control equipment for testing the properties of materials and raw materials, especially for pulp, paper, cardboard, for more than 39 years.

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L.A.B. Equipment

Founded in 1933, L.A.B. Equipment, Inc. has been recognized for decades as a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of product reliability and package inspection equipment.

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